Pamphlets and Patrons

Pamphlets and Patrons explores the hidden political game of courtly parties fighting against each other in polemical prints published in France during the long eighteenth century. We aim at reconsidering the history of the public sphere and of the origins of the French Revolution.

Worshop series: Between Versailles and the Bastille, Pens and Powers in Eighteenth-Century France (October 2021 – February 2022)

We are organizing a Workshop series : Between Versailles and the Bastille: Pens and Powers in Eighteenth-Century France. It will […]

New volume on Enlightenment at Court

We are glad to announce that the manuscript of our volume Enlightenment at Court (edited together with Thomas Biskup, Ben […]

Presentation of Pamphlets and Patron (online)

Tuesday 01.06.2021, 6.30 PM Damien Tricoire will present Pamphlets and Patrons in the Düsseldorf “Forum Neuzeit” (in German) Contact: Achim […]

Annelien De Dijn (Utrecht) presents her latest book “Freedom: An Unruly History” (online)

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 4 PM (German time) Colloquium “Neues aus der Frühen Neuzeit”, zoom Contact: tricoire@uni-trier.de

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